White-crowned Sparrows

Several hours a rewarding job.
This was tattooed yesterday in a client from a neighboring town to Frankfurt am Main.
A nice guy who opted tranquility of the small town where he lives, without giving up the privileges of big city intersected by beautiful river Main (which, by the way, remember much Blumenau).
With an almost subliminal reference to a heart, understood mirrored by the junction of the two tattoos, format remained latent in its final satisfaction love your family (one of the reasons for the tattoo).
I went to bed tired, but extremely happy to have been able to communicate so well with the customer, and to see his contentment at the end of the tattoo.
Now, I will prepare for upcoming tattoos here ... and I promise to keep them abreast of this my first experience in the "Old World".


  1. Pamela Pereira wrote:
    April 3, 2012

    Congratulations tatto ... hope you come back soon to my bookmark :) that this journey is WONDERFUL for you ;)

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